Unofficial OpenGL Software Development Kit  0.5.0
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Here is a list of all modules:
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oGL Load
|oGL Load C interfaceThe C interface for initializing OpenGL
|\GL Load C++ interfaceThe C++ interface for initializing OpenGL
oGL Image
|oImage LoadersFunctions for loading image files into ImageSet objects
|oImageSetClasses for representing image data
||\Image FormatTypes for representing the format of image data
|oTexture CreationFunctions to build textures from ImageSet objects
|oImage CreationManual ImageSet creation classes
|\ExceptionsExceptions thrown by GL Image functions and operations
oGL Util
|oDebug OutputHelper functions for tracking down and understanding OpenGL errors
|oBasic Font SystemClasses for basic font rendering
|oMatrix StackClass and utility classes for matrix stacks
|oMouse PolesObjects that allow mouse-based control over the position and orientation of objects and the camera
|oProgram Compilation/LinkingHelper functions and objects for shader and program compiling and linking
|oWindow PositioningHelper function for positioning a window, based on the desktop size and the window's size
|\Utility Exceptions
oGL Mesh
|oImmediate Mesh DrawingAPI for immediate mode-style rendering
|oStatic MeshAPI for static mesh objects
||\Mesh Generators
|\GL Mesh ExceptionsExceptions thrown by GL Mesh classes
oOpenGL Mathematics
oBoost C++ Libraries
oOpenGL Loader Generator