Unofficial OpenGL Software Development Kit  0.5.0
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GL Util

The OpenGL Utility Library (GL Util) is a collection of miscellaneous tools for doing common tasks. This includes shader and program compilation, and so forth.

The GL Utility library is distributed under the MIT License.

Most of these functions interact with OpenGL directly. Therefore, they require an active OpenGL context. They also use GL Load to use OpenGL, so that library must be properly initialized before calling most of these functions. Each of the groups of functions/classes below will state whether they need to have GL Load initialized.


 Debug Output
 Helper functions for tracking down and understanding OpenGL errors.
 Basic Font System
 Classes for basic font rendering.
 Matrix Stack
 Class and utility classes for matrix stacks.
 Mouse Poles
 Objects that allow mouse-based control over the position and orientation of objects and the camera.
 Program Compilation/Linking
 Helper functions and objects for shader and program compiling and linking.
 Window Positioning
 Helper function for positioning a window, based on the desktop size and the window's size.
 Utility Exceptions


class  refs::array_ref< T >
 A constant reference to an array. More...