Unofficial OpenGL Software Development Kit  0.5.0
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GL Mesh

The OpenGL Mesh Library (GL Mesh) is a collection of tools for passing vertex data to a shader. It provides immediate mode-style rendering that is 100% compatible with core OpenGL contexts. It also provides a static mesh class, as well as generator functions for making meshes.

All GL Mesh functions require GL Load to have been successfully initialized.

A word on OpenGL versions and support. For the most part, efforts are made in the GL Mesh system to cast as wide a net as possible in terms of functionality. Generally speaking, when features are not strictly necessary for a particular piece of functionality, they are not used.

So most classes and functions will work even on 2.1-class hardware (modulo driver bugs of course). Advanced features like double-precision attributes are available, but if you don't use them, the code will still work.

However, the mesh generators will generally assume that the OpenGL version is at least 3.2. This allows for the use of base index rendering and primitive restarting.


 Immediate Mesh Drawing
 API for immediate mode-style rendering.
 Static Mesh
 API for static mesh objects.
 GL Mesh Exceptions
 Exceptions thrown by GL Mesh classes.