Unofficial OpenGL Software Development Kit  0.5.0
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OpenGL Loader Generator

The GL Load library is a very useful tool for loading OpenGL functions. However, it loads all of them. While it does have nice headers that provide only the functions in a specific version, even those headers have clutter because it still provides all of the extensions. Even if you don't use them.

The OpenGL Loader Generator is a tool to avoid this. You specify on the command-line (or in files) exactly which extensions you want and what version you want to use. And the files generated will only provide enumerators and functions for those specific extensions and versions.

It is a Lua-based tool, so you will need Lua installed (it is a fast install, as the Lua runtime is very tiny). The manual for it is quite complete.

The code generation system is so flexible that it is now used to generate GL Load's headers and source itself.

GL Util, GL Mesh, and the texture parts of GL Image all rely on the GL Load library. They cannot use headers and source files generated by glLoadGen. So if you want to switch to glLoadGen, you will have to stop using those libraries (or use the glLoadGen-generated files, yet still initialize GL Load for those libraries that use it).