Unofficial OpenGL Software Development Kit  0.5.0
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Boost C++ Libraries

The Boost C++ libraries are a collection of peer-reviewed libraries that provide useful functionality when developing in C++. Only part of Boost is distributed with the SDK. This distribution is header-only, so none of the compiled parts of Boost are distributed (so no Regex, Thread, etc). Of the header-only libraries, only a specific selection are included.

Part of Boost is distributed with the SDK, but you can replace it with your own version (as long as it is at least 1.51) if you wish. To do this, you must give Premake the special command-line –boost-dir, which points to the directory where Boost can be found.

The Boost libraries are distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0, which is effectively equivalent to the MIT License.

Among the interesting included libraries are (but are not limited to):