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glload::LoadTest Class Reference

#include <_int_load_test.hpp>

Stores data to detect if an extension loaded correctly.

You can test this class in conditions (it uses the safe-bool idiom, so it should be fine). If it tests false, then the extension failed to load at all. It will only be false if the extension is not in the extensions list at all.

If it tests true, then the extension loaded at least partially. You may call NumMissing() to query the number of functions that couldn't be loaded. If this number is 0, then the extension loaded perfectly.

Please do not reset this class or use constructors/copy assignment to do so.

Public Member Functions

 operator bool_type () const
 Converts to false if the extension wasn't advertised. True if it is, even if a partial load.
int GetNumMissing () const
 Returns the number of functions that failed to load.

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